April fools

by victoryskunkhand

 We played the greatest prank on Bekah yesterday. We really did. Basically we convinced her that Mikey had been talking to another girl behind my back and was now dating her. That he didn’t really even like me. That Justin wasn’t talking to Mikey and that Mikey wouldn’t talk to me…

It was hilarious because it was so not true. Needless to say, Bekah was furious. And even more so when we told her it was just a joke. If fact, she’s not even talking to Justin at the moment I don’t think. 

But thinking back on yesterday…I learned some things. I had to think about what I would really say and do if he actually left me. And it felt kind of awful, even though I was pretending. 

I know now that I can’t ever loose him. Ever. 

I also learned just how much he does care for me. He hated the prank in a way. He hated the thought of anyone believing that he would hurt me. Because he never would. 

Never will.