by victoryskunkhand

Goodness gracious. I can’t remember ever feeling this way about anyone for this long without being disappointed. It feels great. It feels insane. I’m still blushing from the things he said this morning. And I know you probably couldn’t care less…I don’t know why anyone even would read this blog.

Unless they are like me and can’t resist a good love story. And mine has been crazy…Everything about it has been insane. But I kinda like it that way.

I know i’m just rambling. But i’m blushing and i have butterflies and i’m scared to death. I’m a bit afraid. Being in love makes you so…easy to hurt. Gah. I just dunno. This is crazy. I know i’ve already told you before that I was in love. But I’m more in love. I guess. I have no idea. 

Somebody tell me to stop. Please.