Save me

by victoryskunkhand

I wish I could show you the story we wrote together last night, but I am an idiot so I deleted the messages. But it was terrific and terrifying. You would have liked it.

I dreamed of him last night. He saved me in the dream. Just like he always does.

We went through something hard. We lost a close friend last Thursday. I was the one who told him, and I hated to. But if it was not for him I do not know that I would have made it through this. He was there. He left school and came to my house. He was there when I had to go to the “viewing” and see the freaking body that was NOT HER. He was there in Sunday School when we were talking about her, and I was sure I couldn’t do it. He was there in church, he was there at the funeral, he was there standing with me by the graveside holding me up when I was sure I would fall. He was there holding me close through all the tears and I was for him as well.

She would be proud of him I know. She would be proud of us all. She always was. Is.

It’s been a hard week. But we’re going to make it I know.

I am so glad to have someone now who saves me in real life, and not only in my dreams.