The unnerving truth of it

by victoryskunkhand

“I can’t get you off my mind” 

I used to tell him that. I used to write that in letters I told myself he would never see. (He’s seen them all.) I used to wonder why, but still. I always said that, wrote that.

It’s even more true now. 

Infatuation is a funny thing. And when I say funny I mean strange, ridiculous, unnerving. I won’t lie; I have been infatuated with this boy for quite awhile now. His kiss only made it stronger. Now I see why they warned. Now I see…

I don’t take it back. And I know he wouldn’t have traded that moment for the world. 

I wish I could tell you guys a story. I know how you all adore stories. But nothing else has really happened. I saw him last night. We sat in church and listened to the former vice president of Haiti preach. (Which was super cool, that guy was awesome, a great man of God!) He had his arm around me most of the time. Which he later told me “was heaven.” Sure.

“There is indeed good and there is indeed evil, and both walk the earth. But good has little to do with the forms of religion, and evil has as little to do with so much behavior condemned by religion. Both good and evil vie for the passions of the heart. For love!” 
― Ted DekkerImmanuel’s Veins

You might not understand what that quote has to do with anything at all. But it is what I try to show him every day of my life. Every day I try so hard…

He will see.

And when he does he will never look away.